Speakers Conference Platform

The Conference Platform is the interactive congress of the EFR Business Week. It provides a platform where students and prominent guests from home and abroad will get the opportunity to start a discussion about contemporary topics. Meet the following prominents:

Speakers of 2017
Jojanneke van den Berge (host)
Eveline Nederlof

Eveline Nederlof started her career at Unilever in 2006 as National Account Manager. As of 2016 she was appointed as Co-creation Director. Where she took on the greatest challenge to find ways to make Unilever’s strategy and organization more purpose driven. She can be classified as a Dutch top woman and true advocate of sustainable business.

Lieutenant General Rob Bertholee

The career of Rob Bertholee is as impressive as respectable. As former deputy Commander of the Armed Forces and Commander of Land Forces, he served our country for multiple years at the highest ranking possible. As of December, he continued his services as Head of the General Intelligence and Security (AIVD).

Marjan van Loon

Marjan studied Chemical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology. Immediately after her studies she joined Shell in 1989 as a chemical engineer.

Between 1997 and 2007 she worked in Australia and Malaysia. Before becoming President Director of Shell Netherlands, she was as Vice President Integrated Gas & LNG (liquid gas) responsible for the development of LNG activities.

Marjan is married and has two children.

Francisco Elson
Annemieke Nijhof

Annemieke Nijhof studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Twente, graduating with honor in 1990. In 1991 Nijhof started work as Soil Consultant at Tauw, becoming Head of Tauw’s Water & Spatial Planning Department in 1996.

In May 1998 Nijhof switched to the civil service in The Hague. In early 2002 she became Deputy Director for External Safety for VROM. In 2005, Nijhof became Cabinet Adviser to Prime Minister Balkenende. In 2008 she went on to become Director-General for Water at the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management.

After her civil service career in The Hague, Nijhof returned to Tauw as CEO in 2012. She holds several additional positions, among others member of the Supervisory Board at De Nederlandsche Bank, and member of the Council for the Living Environment and Infrastructure (the primary strategic advisory board for the Dutch government and parliament).

Colonel Jelte Groen
Jan Peter Balkenende

In 2010 Jan Peter Balkenende received the ‘Grootkruis in de Orde van Oranje-Nassau’, the highest degree in this order, for his work as Prime Minister for over 8 years. After his Political career he started as partner at EY where he focused on Coporate Responsibility. Currently he is Senior Advisor at EY and professor at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Alexander van Holk
Frank Elderson

Frank Elderson (1970) has served as an executive director of De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) since 1 July 2011. In that capacity he is currently responsible for Pension Funds’ supervision, Horizontal supervisory functions, Banking Resolution and Legal Affairs. He is a member of the Plenary Session of the Single Resolution Board. He chairs the Netherlands Platform for Sustainable Finance. Before joining DNB’s Executive Board, Mr Elderson served as Head of the ABN AMRO supervision department (2006-2007), Director of the Legal Services division (2007-2011) and DNB’s General Counsel (2008-2011). He received his professional training as an attorney with Houthoff Advocaten & Notarissen from 1995 to 1998. Having studied various courses at the University of Zaragoza, Spain, he graduated in Dutch law at the University of Amsterdam in 1994. He obtained an LL.M. Degree at Columbia Law School, New York, in 1995.

Nathan Skwortsow

Nathan Skwortsow built his first website, a platform to sell used textbooks in 1996, when he was a student in San Diego, California. Since then, Nathan has founded the largest student housing platform in the Netherlands, as well as the most famous dating site in the Netherlands, both of which he sold to public companies well before he was thirty years old. Since 2012, Nathan is CTO of Physitrack Limited, an e-health company that boasts customers such as Pink Ribbon, Movember Foundation and the Afghan National Woman’s Soccer team. Nathan’s guiding philosophy is to always empathise with the end customer, and to avoid any non-necessary parts in systems, both technically and human.

Eelco Blok

Under the leadership of Eelco Blok KPN has turned from a traditional telecom company into a modern, innovative and sustainable ICT service provider that focuses on the Dutch market and society. His greatest challenge? Making KPN the best service provider, with the help of all the employees. With all expected innovative and disruptive technologies Eelco Blok foresees a promising future for KPN in which it will increasingly look out for partnerships with other companies and creative start-ups.

Claudia Zuidwijk

‘How big do you want to become?’ This searching question from a well-known Dutch TV commercial for peanut butter is one every entrepreneur should ask themselves.

The reason is that wanting to grow is every bit as important as the financing, new technology and proper staff that growth requires.

The new Chamber of Commerce helps entrepreneurs to innovate and to grow. To this end it provides information and advice at all stages a business goes through, and does so increasingly digitally.

But also by fostering contacts between businesspeople and having them inspire each other. Whether they are independent entrepreneurs without employees, running a medium-sized enterprise or heading a major business, enterprise and growth go hand in hand. There’s no time like now to get started.

Marc Dullaert
Anne-Marie Rakhorst

She is owner and initiator of the independent platform Duurzaamheid.nl. Before that, Anne-Marie started up the successful company Search Ingenieursbureau. In the past years, she has published various books, such as  New Energy; the Netherlands after the fossil era) and Geld stuurt de wereld; jij bepaalt de koers (translation: Money rules the world; you determine the direction), a quest on our way to sustainable investing. She gives lectures on a regular basis and is asked for her opinion in the media regarding entrepreneurship, circular entrepreneurship, the energy transition, innovation en sustainable investing. She is also board member from Koning Willem I Prijs and is actively involved in initiatives such as Human Cities Coalition, Friends of the Earth Charter, Wordconnectors and Urgenda Foundation.

Maurits Bruel
Sander Veeneman

With many years of experience as a photographer and film director, Sander has been travelling all around the world. His work focuses on poverty and with this impressive and creative way of expressing this subject, he broadens the view of many people. Determined to make a long lasting impression, he sent a collection of his work to the 25.000 most influential people of the world. Resulting in many invitations of world leaders, including Secretary-General of the VN, Kofi Annan, and princess Beatrix.

John Luijs
Jasper de Bruin

Jasper is an audit partner at Deloitte and is based in Rotterdam. He serves international energy related clients and travels regularly to countries like Russia and Venezuela. He is a result driven professional with a strong people focus. Jasper is an alumnus of Erasmus University and organized the Business Week of 1997.

Roland van der Vorst

Prof. dr. van der Vorst is Managing Director of FreedomLab and appointed Professor of Strategic Design for Brand
Development at TU Delft. Roland has always worked at the crossroads of strategic and creative thinking. For more
than 16 years he has advised clients in various industries on disruptive business strategies, positioning, branding and
innovation. He is considered a thought leader in the field of strategic brand management and, according to Dutch
newspaper De Volkskrant, one of the 200 most influential people in the Netherlands.

Nupur Kohli

Nupur Kohli is Winner of the VIVA400 Award for Most Inspiring Woman Of The Netherlands in the Category Smart Brains. She is a Medical Doctor, Author, Global Speaker and a Consultant.
Nupur aspires to reduce stress in societies, businesses and the corporate world, affecting decision making, productivity and profitability. She is the author of the book ‘Chill! How to survive stress and improve personal and professional productivity. Symptoms and solutions to chronic pressure.’ In her speech, she will speak about her own journey in a diverse career, taking risks and personal leadership. (www.drnupurkohli.com)

Eelco Hoekstra

Eelco Hoekstra is Chairman of the Executive Board & CEO of Royal Vopak in Rotterdam. He was appointed as per the 1st of January 2011. He has over twenty years of experience in the international tank storage industry. After joining Vopak in 2003, Mr Hoekstra took up the position of Managing Director of Vopak Horizon Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates. In 2005, he relocated to Buenos Aires, Argentina,where he assumed the position of President of Vopak Latin America. In 2008, he was appointed Division President of Vopak Asia in Singapore. Mr Hoekstra holds a Master’s in Economics from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam