Port Bootcamp MTBS (EN)

Date: Thursday April 11th 2019, 14:00 - 17:00
Location: Wijnhaven 3, Rotterdam
Dresscode: Business Formal
CV selection: Yes
Motivation Letter: No

Welcome on the MTBS’ Transaction Advisory team! In this case you will learn about the type of work where MTBS is involved in on a daily basis.

Background of the Assignment
A Port Authority (“PA”) in western Africa has invited shortlisted firms to submit a proposal for the development and operation of their Container Terminal. The PA is willing to invest in the basic infrastructure and has already drafted a design for the terminal. The PA is also willing to discuss investments in basic infrastructure by the Terminal Operator, but the financial return for the PA should be acceptable.

Your Client
Global Terminal Operations Ltd. (“GTO”) is a large international container terminal operating company, with terminal operations in over 40 ports around the world. GTO is considering placing a bid for the Container Terminal concession contract. GTO has passed the qualification phase of the tender and it will now compete for the contract with shortlisted competitors.

Your Objective
As part of the MTBS Transaction Advisory team, you assist GTO’s Business Development Team. You have developed a Business Case in which all relevant technical, environmental, financial and strategic matters are brought together. Part of the inputs have been made available by the PA, while other inputs are sourced from GTO’s internal database and from MTBS, GTO’s transaction advisor. Your objective is to prepare the most attractive Financial Bid for both your client and the PA!

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