Innovation Playground

This year we introduce a brand new concept! Next to the keynote programme, we are organizing the Innovation Playground in the C-hall. At the Innovation Playground you will literally walk into the world of innovation. You will get the chance to see and actively experience the possibilities of technology. The C-hall will be transformed into a small innovation expo. The following companies will provide you with the latest and most extraordinary innovation driven activities:


Shell will bring two Formula 1 simulators and a Batak reflex wall. If you want to experience being a F1-driver for a couple of minutes you must definitely check this stand out!

Bakker Barendrecht
Bakker Barendrecht is a Dutch transportation company, you will likely know them from their “Albert Heijn verspakketten”. They will bring their revolutionary Vertical Farming Unit. Be there and taste their vertical farmed mint and basil.

Delft Hyperloop
The Delft Hyperloop team will bring their ATLAS 01 pod and provide you with a VR-experience. Come and experience the future of mobility

Step on one of the two dance floor modules, put on the silent disco headphones, dance to generate energy that powers the camera, strike a pose and smile! You can take your Polaroid home as an everlasting World of Business memory.

On The Rock Group
Experience the Augmented Climbing Wall. Whether you’re playfully chasing bats out of the trees, protecting the earth from onrushing asteroids, or playing the legendary ping-pong game on the wall, you will be amazed!

VR4 play
Step into a new reality and move freely around the virtual world. Experience the intensity of a special world beneath the oceans, step into a virtual rollercoaster, or find yourself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Put on the VR-gear and start exploring this new reality!

Nature's Pride
Known for the fresh fruit they distribute over multiple Dutch supermarkets. At the Innovation Playground they will provide you with their tropical smoothies. You can cycle your own smoothie on the smoothie bikes and create your own drink in a sustainable manner!

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