Annual Insight

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Annual Insight: disruptive and growing like wildfire.

The amount of data that becomes accessible in the world is increasing exponentially, and improved technology is available to turn data into added value. This leads to tremendous opportunities in the field of strategic research and consulting that established consulting firms have taken little or no advantage of. Operating at the center of technology, data, and consulting, we act on the growing need for companies to make decisions based on facts. The world revolves faster and faster, and the pace with which companies make the right strategic decisions has become crucial. By creating and employing world’s most valuable “Strategic Intelligence Database”, we assist our clients with this challenge, so as to have them win in the market.

Since its establishment, Annual Insight has been growing with 200+%. We will continue this in the longer run. Compared to January 2016, our team has expanded from 17 to 50 employees. In 2018, we aspire to double our team. This leads to ample opportunities for excellent candidates who befit our company.

Annual Insight consists of two professionally-run divisions. The ‘Strategy’-practice has emerged from the closely-related ‘Intelligence’-practice. Both have their own character, built on the same foundations. Where will you help us excel: in Big Data Intelligence or Data-driven Strategy Consulting?

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