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Eurocommercial Properties N.V. is one of Europe’s most experienced property investors, with a retail property portfolio in Belgium, France, Italy and Sweden valued at almost €4 billion.
Our focused strategy of acquiring retail property in prime locations and continuously improving them, combined with our good tenant relationships, has resulted in the highest occupancy rates in the industry, generating consistently rising dividends over the last 26 years.
A unique combination of industry-leading experience and innovation.

Strong track record
Sustainable, consistent income and capital growth have been our focus from the beginning in 1991. Since then, our earnings and dividends have risen steadily and, with net asset value growth, have shown a total return of 10% per annum. We have the lowest turnover senior staff in the industry with an average tenure of directors of well over 20 years.

Clear investment focus
We focus on wealthy west European regions – currently Belgium, France, Italy and Sweden – and only on prime retail properties, whether city centre galleries, suburban shopping centres or retail parks. We work to ensure that, whatever their type or size, our properties are the best in their categories and are continually improved both physically and in tenant mix. The result is that our occupancy levels at 99.7% are the highest in the industry.

Research-led insight
Our research department conducts the most thorough demographic, economic, transport and competition research for every new investment. It also makes frequent surveys in our centres to ensure that our customers and tenants are happy with facilities and products we offer. These surveys are both face-to-face and digital, using the latest social media and software.

Responsible partner
Our shopping centres are the focal point of their communities, not only for the physical amenities they offer, but also for employment of local residents and a real contribution to the local cultural, sporting and educational life of the community. We take our role as a partner seriously and work hard to support our local communities.

Turnover rent leases
The tenants of our shops in the centres report their turnovers to us on a monthly basis. This enables us to monitor their performance and business by focusing on sustainable occupancy cost ratios (rent plus marketing contributions, service charges and property taxes as a proportion of turnover inclusive VAT). Shop rents are carefully matched to retail sales. This not only helps the retailer make a reliable profit, but also assists us in judging the shop mix.

Listed real estate company

Amsterdam, London, Milan, Paris and Stockholm

Number of employees

Study background of staff
Real estate, Languages, Information Technology, Business Economics

Human Resources

Herengracht 469
1017 BS Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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