Perfetti van Melle

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Unwrap your potential!


We have been developing, creating and selling the best and most delicious sweets and chewing gum brands all over the world for over one hundred years. We are the 17,000 employees of Perfetti Van Melle who work daily around the whole world to build our way to the top.

We thank the success of Mentos, Smint, Frisk, Klene, Fruittella, Chupa Chups and Look-O-Look to all involved employees which bring entrepreneurship, vision and innovation to of all of us, everyday.

Flying start

Will your career also start at Perfetti Van Melle? Then one thing is for sure. We will offer you every opportunity to use and develop your talents. In order to make a flying start, we will challenge you every day to make the most of your opportunities. Because if our company’s success starts with our staff, why not with you?

Ample scope

As an international family business we like to give our talented people all the opportunities they deserve. How about a one-year traineeship under the supervision of committed professionals? An interesting junior role where you can be part of “young perfetti”? Or haven’t you graduated yet?

Then you can do a work placement or write your thesis / paper at our company!

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