With about 2.5 million visitors per day, 8 million active customers, over 16 million articles in stock, 20,000 business partners and 17 orders per second during peak season, operates in a complex and data rich environment. This data rich environment started in 1999, when we opened our virtual doors as the Netherlands’ first online bookstore. Since then, has grown by 1,400 colleagues. Together we want to make our customers’ lives just that little bit easier and more fun.

All of these numbers represent data points streams that can be used in countless ways to make the shopping experience more personal. Ideally, we’d create over 8 million unique stores, to present every customer with their very own, highly relevant shopping environment. With personal recommendations, articles, prices, advertisements and delivery times. In order to realize this, we have to dive deep into the data. How do customers navigate? What do they consider important? Can we define customer groups?

We have learned a lot from our customers’ during the past years, and the data continues to inspire new insights every day. Our Data and Analytics professionals are constantly innovating and optimizing every aspect of Sometimes they help a colleague formulate a solution, sometimes they manage a project, or crunch numbers, or act as product owner or business analyst. But regardless the role you assume, you can base your decisions on facts!

We are energized by 1,500 colleagues to constantly improve the Netherlands’ favorite store.

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