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Have you ever wondered what it is like to oversee a major company? Or how business people manage their company and what impact they want to have on society? Well wonder no more. During the Conference Platform, all your questions will be answered!

The Conference Platform is our interactive conference, aiming to engage students with diverse inspiring guests and speakers from all around the world. The event distinguishes itself by its minimal barrier between speakers and students. It enables students and prominent guests to discuss contemporary topics aligned with our theme in an informal setting, during the famous round table discussions. At the end of the day, you get the chance to share some drinks and bites with renowned guests.

Students from all faculties are welcome to join this event!

Speakers 2019

  • Jacques van den Broek

    CEO Randstad Holding view more
    “The future of work in my view is one where human touch and technology go hand-in-hand. As you all are digital natives, you will be the future leaders who can and will make this happen.”
  • Allard Castelein

    CEO Port of Rotterdam view more
    ‘We are not going through an era of change, but rather a change of era. As a port, we aim to lead the way when it comes to exploiting the opportunities this creates.’
  • Prof. Kim Putters

    Director of The Netherlands Institute for Social Research view more
    "A major challenge for the coming years is to deal with the uncertainties of a changing society and economy. Our new way of life is combining a lot of activities in daily life. With the help of technology, we do it all day long at a lot of different places in the world."
  • Evert den Boer

    CEO Greenchoice view more
    "I believe that in The New World purpose driven businesses and organizations will be more successful, profitable and fun to work. We all have the responsibility to make positive changes and contribute to the greater good of this New World."
  • Maeson Ethard

    Founder of Base Cyber Security view more
    On what technology must not do in The New World.

Participants 2019

  • Adrian de Groot

    Executive Director of the Impact Institute and co-founder of True Price view more
    "The New World runs on an impact economy: an economy where every-day work, entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology lead to a better world."
  • Angelien Kemna

    Non-Executive Director AXA Group and NIBC view more
    "In The New World people remain a life long active, which increases social interactions and overall happiness, which in turn improves health. The future of longevity will make The New World a society without retirement and will make generations think about time as a non linear process."
  • Anne Hettinga

    CEO Arriva Netherlands view more
    "The New World gives us an excellent opportunity to make fundamental steps in society. A world in which diversity, sustainability and social responsibility is key."
  • Anouschka Laheij

    Host view more
    Anouschka Laheij is a political scientist and psychologist and a driven and people-oriented conference moderator, trainer and coach. She has extensive experience with leading and guiding conferences, events and debates in Dutch and in English .
  • Arjen Ketting

    Senior Project Leader architect at MVRDV view more
    "The New World is exciting, however our current world shouldn’t be totally written off just yet. We need to transform what we already have to be able to create the potential of a New World."
  • Barbara Kathmann

    Councilor Economy, districts and small centers view more
    "In the New World, all cities will be smart cities. And smart cities are made of smart people."
  • Prof. Casper van Eijck

    oncologist and initiator Support Casper view more
    “If you cannot cure it try to beat it.”
  • Daan Bovenberg

    Chief Commercial Officer Excelsior Rotterdam view more
    “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”
  • Diem Do

    co-founder CodeGorilla view more
    "Technology and (social) entrepreneurship will have a great impact in reshaping the future of minority groups such as women and immigrants and their role in business and society."
  • Dirk Kronemeijer

    CEO and Founder of GoodFuels view more
    "Accelerating the Energy transition is not just a must - it’s also the biggest opportunity since the rise of the internet. Hence we should stop moaning on the cost & downside of it- we should focus on the upside.”
  • Eric van Hall

    Founder and CEO of CopyRobin view more
    "Innovation is nourished by interacting with open-minded people of all walks of life and from all over the world.”
  • Frans van Ette

    Coalition Manager of Dutch Blockchain Coalition view more
    "The New World: a world where trusted relations are built in the systems we design with the help of technologies such as blockchain. Instead of large organizations with data silo’s where we exchange our identity and everything we do in exchange for some neat services, we will take our destiny back in our own hands."
  • Gregory Bryan

    Managing Director Amazon Germany & Czech Republic view more
    “The New World is no different than the old world. Change has always been constant. The ability to adapt is not only about interacting with technology but how we interact with each other.”
  • Jan Bert Schutrops

    President Vopak Europe & Africa view more
    "Vopak has an history of over 400 years. This track record indicates that were able to change as to remain relevant for society. Only companies that can adapt will survive. Vopak will be one of them."
  • Johan Buitenga

    former Chief Auditor at ING, Business Transformation Facilitator view more
    "The New World is coming at us in an unprecedented pace and feels exiting as well as threatening. This does not require change but transformation. As individuals, including students, and organisations we need to reassess what we do and take nothing for granted."
  • Joris van den Hurk

    Managing Partner at GWYNT view more
    "I strongly believe the world is speed of change is growing exponentially and therefore organizations need to be agile and innovative. All sectors, companies and even government is confronted with disruptive technologies and is needing talented people that have the ability to think and act strategically and have an entrepreneurial attitude. Move to great performance!"
  • Maarten Frowein

    Trusted Advisor Commodity Trading, Finance & Logistics at Frowein Executive Search view more
    “We know what we are, but know not what we may be.” ~ W. Shakespeare
  • Maurice Peeters

    Director Professionals at YoungCapital view more
    "For youngsters to succeed in The New World, they need to realise that failure is not the opposite of success, it is part of it!"
  • Michel Adriaansens

    Partner and Member Assurance Board PwC Netherlands view more
    "Our purpose and mission, building trust in society and solving important problems, really inspire me to a New World. It means that in a more digital and innovative world, we ask from our autonomous teams to solve important problems based on value driven behavior and to develop their talent with a growth mindset."
  • Michiel Schipperus

    CEO Sana Commerce view more
    “In The New World every employee needs to think and act like a business owner.”
  • Mikel Palokaj

    co-founder and CEO of Acaboo view more
    The New World through the eyes of Mikel Palokaj: “Siri’s voice: Hello Mikel, your measurements are indicating you will have a seizure soon; I’ve set one of the nearby ambulance vehicles on standby. Would you like me to confirm your pickup?"
  • Oswald Coene

    CEO Koning & Hartman view more
    “No Technology, no New World”
  • Ruben Vermaak

    Head of Talent Development at Bynder view more
    "Investing in the personal development of employees will become essential in The New World. With technology surrounding us, the focus on soft skills will become even more vital."
  • Sabine den Daas

    Senior Data Scientist and Partner at Totta data lab view more
    "The New World for me is connecting the dots."
  • Sjoerd Rietberg

    co-CEO Flowtraders view more
    “Leverage and scale is everything, except for some things.”
  • Titia Houwing

    Business Development Manager at KPN New Business view more
    "In The New World everything will be connected, which will create endless possibilities and solve issues we never even knew we had."
  • Tom Marshall

    Founder & Coach at Extraordinary Life, Innovation Consultant at Deloitte view more
    "Whilst some perceive disruptive technologies as a threat, I believe if we understand them, we can transform them into fantastic opportunities. Automation of repetitive tasks will make work more human."
  • Ton van Welie

    CEO Ortec Finance view more
    "I envision a New World in which old institutions lose relevance and are replaced by people coming together in different collectives to solve the important challenges ahead."
  • Wibe van den Vijver

    VP of Business Development Impraise view more
    "In the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes - Andy Warhol (1968)"
  • Yannick Kampschoer

    co-founder Nibblr view more
    Yannick on The New World: "I honestly don't know. It could be a utopian paradise with unparalleled equality and prosperity or a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The good thing is, we're the ones who get to decide."
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