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The Conference Platform is our most interactive congress aiming to engage students with diverse inspiring guests and speakers from all around the world. The event distinguishes itself by its minimal barrier between speakers and students. It enables students and prominent guests to discuss contemporary topics aligned with our theme, during the famous round table discussions.

Last year the Conference Platform was hosted in 'Blue City' for the first time. Blue City is situated in the old swimming pool ‘Tropicana’ and is on its way to become an exemplary blue circular economy. This location was perfectly in line with our theme which was 'Be the Change'.

Students from all faculties are welcome to join this event!

Speakers 2017

  • Ank Bijleveld

    Minister of Defense view more
    Ank Bijleveld was a member of the House of Representatives for the Christian Democratic Alliance, Mayor of Hof van Twente, State Secretary for the Interior and Kingdom Relations and Queen’s Commissioner in the province of Overijssel. In 2017, Ank Bijleveld was appointed Minister of Defence.
  • Biram Dah Abeid

    Anti-Slavery Activist - 100 Most Influential People (Times 2017) view more
    In 2008 that Mauritanian Biram Dah Abeid, a slave descendant, founded the movement of the Resistance Initiative of the Abolitionist Movement (IRA). He has been called the “Mauritanian Mandela” He received numerous international prizes. He is supported by many human rights organizations.
  • Anne Hettinga

    Chair of the Arriva Netherlands management board view more
    Anne Hettinga is chair of the Arriva Netherlands management board since 2006. He has been associated with the company as CFO since 2000. He is also chair of the Netherlands Federation of Mobility Companies, the representative organisation for private transport companies in the Netherlands.
  • Thierry Jadot

    CEO Dentsu Aegis Network France, Benelux, MENA, Turkey view more
    Thierry Jadot is since 2012 the CEO of Dentsu Aegis Network, the 4th global group communication. He worked before at Publicis group and lead during 10 years the activities of PSA group in Mercosur area. Always fascinated by photographs, he organizes in 2018 his second exhibition.
  • József Váradi

    Chief Executive Officer of Wizz Air view more
    József Váradi is the founder and CEO of Wizz Air, the largest low-cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe. Before starting Wizz Air, Mr. Váradi held numerous board memberships with companies such as Lufthansa Technik Budapest, Wizz Air Bulgaria, Wizz Air Ukraine, Mandala Airlines and Wizz Tours.
  • Arie van Bellen

    Director of the ECP Platform view more
    Digitalization is key when it comes to improving the economic impact of the Netherlands. He founded the neutral and independent foundation ECP | Platform for the Information Society to bring together a diverse array of public and private stakeholders. He is also involved in EU-policy the Digital Agenda.
  • Pieyre-Alexandre Anglade

    Member of the French Parliament view more
    Pieyre-Alexandre Anglade represents the French citizens living abroad in the Benelux countries. He is the Vice-President of the European Affairs Commission and member of the Defence committee. Given his experience, Pieyre-Alexandre Anglade has developed an expertise in EU decision-making and legislative processes.
  • Marcello Palazzi

    Co-Founder, B Lab Europe & Global Ambassador, B Corp Movement view more
    Marcello is a serial entrepreneur for human progress. After 12 years as co-head of his international family business in environmental technologies, he founded Progressio Foundation, pursuitting of the ‘civic economy’, ‘civic enterprise’ and ‘civic innovation'. Member of the Advisory Committee at DanoneWave.
  • Dr. ir. Rutger de Graaf-van Dinther

    co-founder/director of Blue21, Indymo and DeltaSync. view more
    Rutger is a water pioneer with a track record of sustainable innovations. His mission is research, design and realisation of floating cities for human and ecological progress. This is based on the BlueRevolution vision, which aims at establishing a cyclical metabolism and symbiosis between cities on land and water.

Participants 2017

  • Korstiaan Zandvliet

    Founder of Symbid view more
    Korstiaan founded Symbid, one of the world's first equity crowdfunding platforms. He aims to shape the future through entrepreneurship and is affiliated with various social ventures aiming to solve some of the greatest challenges mankind is facing in the 21th century.
  • Robert Bark

    Managing Director - Financial Services Accenture view more
    Robert Bark is a very seasoned Consulting executive with over 21 years of experience in Financial Services Consulting, prior he worked in Finance roles for 8 years. Recently he also lead a good number of pro bono projects with NGO’s. Robert is Alumnus from EUR and VU.
  • Slawek Magala

    Professor, Editor-in-Chief Journal of Organizational Change Management. view more
    Described as a generalist for a cause, Iawomir Jan Magala wrote several articles, among which “Cross Cultural Management”, “The Management of Meaning in Organizations” and “Identity in Work and Society”. For more information, you can refer to his website
  • Gé Moonen

    CEO Moonen Packaging view more
    Over the last 15 years Gé turned Moonen Packaging into one of the greenest companies in the Netherlands. Gé regularly gives lectures to inspire others to do more with sustainability. Moonen Packaging has been a sustainability leader in the industry for many years.
  • Dorothy Grandia

    Communication Faculty for the Erasmus Centre for Women and Organisations. view more
    Dorothy Grandia combines exposure to the complex nature of decision-making in the political arena in the beginning of her career with the performance orientation of fifteen years on the international opera stage to help her clients – mostly women and scientists – gain more influence with their communication.
  • Jules Maîtrepierre

    Founder IFSA and Thetutorist view more
    Jules Maitrepierre is a 23 years old entrepreneur. He is the Founder of IFSA Network and of Thetutorist. He has previously worked in private equity, microfinance and strategy consulting. He is currently finishing a post graduate degree in Strategic Management at the Rotterdam School of Management.
  • Hans van Ierland

    co-Founder and CEO at HPE Growth Capital view more
    Hans is co-Founder and‎ CEO at HPE, where he focuses on selecting the right portfolio companies, strengthening the management teams and exits. Hans was co-Founder and Managing Partner at Holland Corporate Finance. He also worked at PwC and started his career at Shell as a Petrolueum Engineer.
  • Kristel Baele

    President of the Executive Board of Erasmus University Rotterdam. view more
    MSc Baele started at the International Labour Organization, a specialized unit within the United Nations in Geneva. She was vice president at various universities in the Netherlands. Kristel Baele is a member of the Education Council of the Netherlands, the independent advisory body for strategic education.
  • Wampie Libon

    Deputy Chief of Mission of the Netherlands Embassy in Brussel view more
    Wampie Libon began her career at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1997. She worked in The Hague, in New York, in Brussels and as an European advisor to Prime Ministers Balkenende and Rutte. After the summer, she will lead the Economic Department at the Netherlands Embassy in Washington. Wampie Libon is an alumnus of Rotterdam School of Management.
  • Prof. Casper van Eijck

    Professor in General Surgery with special attention to the pancreas - Rotterdammer van het Jaar 2017 view more
    Prof C.H.J van Eijck studied medicine at the Erasmus University. He presented his thesis entitled: The role of Somatostatin receptors in breast and pancreatic cancer. In 2009 he became professor in General Surgery with special attention to the Pancreas and started as team doctor of Feyenoord Rotterdam. He was elected Rotterdammer van het Jaar in 2017.
  • Monique Pariat

    Director-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO) view more
    Monique Pariat is appointed Director-General in European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations in September 2015. Prior to this post, she also occupied DG for “Agriculture and rural DEvelopment”, Fisheries and and Maritime Policy” and “Justice, Freedom and Security”.
  • Anoek Hoijtink

    Head of Partnerships, UNICEF NL view more
    Anoek first worked for Unilever where she and two other colleagues founded Branddoctors, a marketing consultancy agency. She moved in Africa in 2012 for 4 years during which she became an associate partner for Innate Motion. When she came back, she worked first for the Dutch Red Cross, before starting at UNICEF in April last year.
  • Kay de Gier-Formanek

    Founder and CEO of Diversity and Performance BV view more
    Kay is the founder and CEO of KAY Diversity & Performance B.V., a global company committed to embedding diversity of talent into the transformational purpose of companies so to unleash more creativity, more innovation, more growth, more engagement and better financial outcomes.
  • Gabriël Oostvogel

    Consultant, manager in the cultural world - Former Director of De Doelen view more
    Gabriël Oostvogel started his career as both an architect and a professional singer and concert promoter. Before becoming general director of de Doelen, he worked at the Dr. Anton Philipszaal, the then concert hall of The Hague. As of 2018 Gabriël chose to be an independent consultant and interim manager to broaden his scope and skills.
  • Jasper de Bruin

    Partner Deloitte view more
    Jasper is an audit partner at Deloitte and is based in Rotterdam. He serves international energy related clients and travels regularly to countries like Russia and Venezuela. He is a result-driven professional with a strong people focus. Jasper is an alumnus of Erasmus University Rotterdam and organized the Business Week in 1997.
  • Sandra Phlippen

    Economics editor Algemeen Dagblad view more
    Sandra is Economics editor at Algemeen Dagblad. Before this, she worked as Editor-in-chief Economics Statistics Quarterly at ESB. Next to her job as an editor, Sandra is also a political economic commentator at the tv-program Buitenhof.
  • Jef Wintermans

    Coordinator Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile at the Social and Economic Council view more
    Forger of coalitions for implementing lasting change in the global value chain of garments and textile, balancing societal needs and business interests. OECD due diligence expert. Proud father of two children. Passionate about European integration, sea sailing and singing.
  • Johan Buitenga

    A former Chief Auditor at ING; Executive Advisor / Coach / Trainer view more
    Johan Buitenga spent 26 years in the financial sector, initially as a Corporate Banker in Europe, the Middle East, the Former Soviet Union and Asia. Subsequently he acted as a global Risk Manager and as a Chief Auditor at ING. He developed from a being a finance specialist to becoming a transition leader. He is engaged to bring ratio, content and process driven professionals in balance with their personal strengths, to connect the ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ sides. After a career time out Johan is focussing on advising, coaching and training executives.
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