EFR Business Week

The most inspiring event on campus, organised by students of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Prominent speakers aim to inspire the students with their own unique personal stories.

The Committee

Each year, six enthusiastic students organize the EFR Business Week. From August onwards, they work nine months full time towards realising this innovative and inspiring event for their fellow students.


The EFR is the official study association of the Erasmus School of Economics. With over 6000 members, the EFR is one of the largest and most professional study associations of Europe.

The Advisory Board

The Advisory Board consists of alumni who have either organised the EFR Business Week themselves or have been in the board of the EFR. This board gives advice based on their experience.

The Board of Substance

The Board of Substance consists of high-placed citizens who have been affiliated with previous editions of the EFR Business Week. Its members are actively involved in recommending the EFR Business Week to potential speakers and guests.

The Board of Recommendation

The Board of Recommendation consists of honourary positions for notable world citizens from various industries. They recommend the EFR Business Week to prominent speakers and guests.