How do you inspire students to walk unknown paths, discover new ways of thinking and give them the tools to make the best decisions in their career?

In 1984 the EFR answered this question by organising the first ever EFR Business Week. An event which has now grown to become one of the largest and most prominent student organised conferences in Europe. In its previous editions many world leaders and CEO’s have seized the stage to tell their own unique personal stories and inspire the students.

What is it that drives us as students? What has driven us to pick our choice in education, and what drives us to apply for that one job? These are the questions which we would like to answer. These are all subjects that will be addressed in our event. At the end of March 2017 the EFR will host the 33rd edition of the EFR Business Week. Six ambitious students are working full-time for nine months in order to realise the event, which will bring you one of the most memorable and inspiring experiences on campus.

See you at the World of Business, the opening congress of the EFR Business Week!